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The .Coop Domain

Elevate your identity with a .coop website domain! .COOP is the only domain reserved for cooperatives and cooperative organizations. As the address for your primary website, .coop is not only the easiest way for people to find you online, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to have the name you want for your organization. 

Your .coop domain can be used in the same way as other domains for landing pages, online portals, email addresses, blogs, etc.

Take advantage of being a ‘verified’ domain and confirm to the world that you are a member of the trusted global Cooperative community.

First Year FREE

Members can enjoy their first year free on a new .coop domain by clicking the button below to register and using the code BCBA21 to get their first year free.

FREE 1-Page Website

To take advantage of a free 1-page website members may contact Tom at Identity.coop and DotCoop will feature your organization with a single-page website.


This will include: 

  • Connection for your free .coop domain 

  • A description of your cooperative 

  • Social media links 

  • An image and your logo 

See an example here: drivers cooperative 

Disclaimer: Offer for first-time new registrations only. Eligibility and terms and conditions apply. Please contact Tom at Identity.coop for any questions or comments.

Domains.coop is an ICANN-accredited registrar, and a proud member of .coop’s global network of independent retailers offering domains and related services.